Delhi to Rishikesh experience

Gateway to Garhwal Himalayas

Rishikesh, a pristine town is the perfect amalgamation of spirituality and adventure. The town is famous for its green trails, blue water rapids, and white sand beaches. Dubbed as Abode of Gods- it allures all the people on a quest for spirituality and finding themselves. The town is known for delicious Garhwali food and warm hospitality by the locals. Rishikesh has also been the source of inspiration for multiple artists, the Beatles standing out amongst them. The spiritual town has something to offer for everyone, satisfying the soul-searching and adventure-seeking alike.

Explore the tranquil town of Rishikesh, with its picturesque roads, serene white sand beaches, and adrenaline-pumping adventures. We embark on a journey of smooth, effortless drive ensured by Hyundai SUVs. The route to Rishikesh is replete with the view of Shivaliks from the front windshield, and the feeling of belonging with the tribe. The Explorers' tribe will be driving from Delhi to Rishikesh, the town known for being the perfect combination of tranquillity and adventure. The trail of Hyundai SUVs will be threading alongside the pristine Ganga and our explorers will get the opportunity to taste the authentic local cuisine, hospitality, and culture. Throughout the drive, we will try to bring out the true spirit of exploration experiencing the chill of white water rafting and other activities, and the camaraderie of the tribe.

*Subject to finalization of experiences