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Experience an enchanting journey and engross yourself in the unsurpassed magnificence of the jungles of central India. Surround yourself with some of India's most unforgettable fauna and flora as you drive through the everchanging surroundings and try to spot one of India's most elusive and successful large cats.

With this experience, you will get a chance to be:

  1. A distinctive explorer who will drive through the beauty of central India, the rich biodiversity, and the gorgeous landscapes of Tadoba National Park.
  2. A wild explorer who witnesses Indian leopards, tigers, jackal, peafowl, wild dogs, wild boar, sloth bears, foxes, striped hyenas, monkeys, gaur, barking deer, four-horned antelopes, Indian wolves, and a surfeit of bird and floral species, in their natural habitats.
  3. A relaxed explorer who will stay at some of the most luxurious resorts and lodges.
  4. A flavour explorer who will taste the most delicious and authentic cuisines of the regions.
  5. A captivated explorer who will experience the best of the local cultures and witness the unique heritage of the regions.
  6. A secure explorer with a specialist team to take care of all your needs, provide technical and logistical support, and that helps you get the most out of this exciting experience.

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