Explore Nagpur

It’s time to explore the third-largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Nagpur known as the "Orange City". Known for its 19th-century Nagpur Central Museum, it’s a place for explorers to explore the city’s heritage and history. So, get ready to connect with the “Orange city” and embrace an exciting and fun journey with us!

Picture this: An exciting drive through a city which offers you to explore history, trading, religion and nature, A lively carnival bursting with local Flavors, exciting games and the sounds of live music and a DJ spinning beats to keep you grooving all the way.

This journey is a beautiful mix of entertainment, fun, exploration & and celebration through Nagpur’s beauty and culture like never before.

With this experience, you will get a chance to be:

  1. A Fun Explorer: Who will explore joy of grand festivities through the beautiful places, of Nagpur.
  2. A Carnival Explorer: Who will explore the “Orange city” like never before and solve exciting riddles to reach the final carnival destination.
  3. A Music Explorer: who will groove on local live beats of Nagpur.
  4. A Social Explorer: who will cherish and store beautiful memories with their family and friends.
  5. A Foodie Explorer: who will fill their taste buds with delicious local flavour of Nagpur.
  6. A Competitive Explorer: who will play the game to win but will enjoy every bit of it.

A Secure Explorer: with a specialist team to take care of all your needs, provide technical and logistical support, and that helps you get the most out of this exciting experience.

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